On Feb 18, 2009, at 12:29 PM, GESBBB wrote:
I am a little confused. I believe the problem is with the "if [ ! -t 0 ]" statement. I tried to redirect the error message; however, it still appears in the email sent by CRON. I tried using this statement instead: if ( ! tty -s &> /dev/null ) and "if ( ! tty -s ) &> /dev/null"; however, they also produce an error message although the function does work correctly. Is this just something I should just ignore, or is there a way to stop the message from being sent in the CRON report?

For Bourne shell, classic /bin/sh, and related shells (zsh, ksh), you can use something like:

case $- in
    # do stuff for an interactive shell
    echo "interactive"
    # not interactive
    echo "not interactive"


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