you install it from ports and use explicitly, everything else still uses default

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Kailash Kailash wrote:

Can old version of GCC used with BSD 7.0 without facing any compatibility

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looks like they "improved" gcc. you can install older from ports.

On Wed, 18 Feb 2009, Kailash Kailash wrote:

I am using FreeBSD 7.0 in 64 BIT mode. Same code compiled on BSD 7.0 runs
50% speed (as expected by CPU and code architecture) compared to BSD 6.2.
Here is one real code with binary output. On 3.0 GHz Woodcrest processor,
am able to copy from one cache to another cache at the speed of
24Gbytes/second verses 12 Gbytes/second. Any help is appreciated.




#define BACKWARD_MEMCOPY_WITH_TYPE(dp, sp, len, type)
BACKWARD_MEMCOPY((type*)(dp), (const type*)(sp),

#define BACKWARD_MEMCOPY(dp, sp, len) \

do { \

       smwbits __len = len;            /* must be signed value */ \

       while (--__len >= 0) \

               (dp)[__len] = (sp)[__len]; \

} while (0)

BSD 6.2 code

0x00000000004353b2 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+434>: mov

0x00000000004353b7 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+439>: mov

0x00000000004353bc <smcli_memory_copy_performance+444>: dec    %rdx

0x00000000004353bf <smcli_memory_copy_performance+447>: jns    0x4353b2

BSD 7.0 code

0x000000000040cb80 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+272>:        mov

0x000000000040cb84 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+276>:        mov

0x000000000040cb88 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+280>:        sub

0x000000000040cb8c <smcli_memory_copy_performance+284>:        sub

0x000000000040cb90 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+288>:        sub

0x000000000040cb94 <smcli_memory_copy_performance+292>:        jns
0x40cb80 <smcli_memory_copy_performance2+272>

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