On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 12:26 PM, Valentin Bud <valentin....@gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello community,
>  I have a "special" question.
> If a client sends an email through my server how can i stop the mail for
> being delivered so
> i can process the mail and change some things and afterward deliver it.
> I have postfix + dovecot installed. Some suggestions ...
> thanks,
> v

Hello again,

 I guess i have found what i want. Postfix MILTER

So basically i create a filter in C, perl or something, I use it via STMP or
non-STMP. That
"filter" makes the necessary changes and afterwards i reinject the mail into

If anybody has the time/chance to verify if I am right please let me know.

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