Thursday 19 February 2009 15:07:50 Paul Procacci napisaƂ(a):
> After looking
> through archives to determine what to do, I can across nanoBSD as that
> seems to be included in the FreeBSD system by default, henceforth this
> question.  I couldn't find any information regarding the smallest image
> size possible using NanoBSD.  So the question is: can nanoBSD fw/ the
> proper configurations fit onto a floppy disk...and if not, is such an
> old computer bootable off of a usb stick?  How can I tell without buying
> one?
I think that it will be quite hard to make it running from floppy. If you don't 
want to install it on this HD (f.ex. because of noise) then you can replace 
HDD with Disk-On-Module or CF card with CF-IDE adapter.
With booting from usb on such rather old computers I had so many problems that 
I went for other options like these mentioned above.

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