Wish I would have seen that before I started this KDE install 2 hours ago

Thx will look into it too

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Jean-Paul Natola wrote:
> What is the "terminology" that I would need to search in the handbook to
> a bsd machine to authenticate with AD  I have Mac machines that
> to our network- but that's easy to configure

AD=="Active Directory"?

BSD doesn't do that by default.  AFAIK, you'll need to install
and configure SAMBA (which is in ports).

As for the original question, I saw a config by a guy named
Horen (I think, from NW Europe someplace) for FVWM which looked
almost exactly like Windows XP, down to the icons.  There's also
FWVM95, which is supposed to look like Win95.  And, I've not
seen XFWM mentioned yet, which is pretty user friendly and a
tad more lightweight than KDE or Gnome ... which could be important
if you're talking about "recycled" hardware.

My $.02,

Kevin Kinsey
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