loony wrote:
> Has anyone had any luck with UNetbootin and the 7.1 DVD iso?
> I'm trying to prep USB media on windows vista64.  Unlike the CDROM based 
> isos, the DVD install is compressed .gz. I assume the iso needs to be 
> extracted prior to loading it with UNetbootin and wonder if somehow gzip.exe 
> on Windows is messing with the sanctity (for lack of better technical term) 
> of the iso files.
> When I boot from a 8gb usb device I've prepped with 7.1 DVD using UNetbootin, 
> I get a missing or corrupted kernel image.  No problems with using the latest 
> BackTrack iso.
> I'm putting together a resource for running FreeBSD on the Asus Eee box at 
> http://groups.google.com/group/freebsd-eee-box?hl=en and would really 
> appreciate assistance with creating a USB boot media (preferably on Windows 
> but a FBSD 7.0 box is available as well) based on the DVD as the DVD is a lot 
> more convenient than a CDROM install.
> Is it possible to edit the syslinux file installed by UNetbootin to point to 
> a generic kernel in the kernels directory?

It looks like UNetbootIn is broken for FreeBSD ISO images (it doesn't do
the right thing when presented a FreeBSD ISO).

for a workaround.

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