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Your question is vague.

Sorry, it was not intentional. I wasn't too sure how to ask the question.

A 32-bit process can only access 4 GB of memory, but all processes also

have a bit of memory "reserved" for the kernel. On FreeBSD the

accessible memory for processes is closer to 3 GB than 2 or 4. See this

discussion for details: http://wiki.freebsd.org/KVA_PAGES

Also, FreeBSD processes have administrative limits to their size set by

defaults. See for example this:


. If you want to use the whole 3 GB for a process, you'll have to

increase maxdsiz. Note that you may need to experiment with this size

since your BIOS will probably not let you use 4 GB of physical memory

for the OS except if you enable PAE, and it's possible to create an

unbootable system by messing with kernel memory limits. You should

probably experiment on the loader command line first, not in the

loader.conf file.

Thank you. This is exactly what I was hoping to learn. Thanks also for the links for further reading.

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