Erik Johnson wrote:
I noticed on your loader.conf that you have the license at the end of "WiFi Config. I placed mine at the beginning. as in the example below. Have you tried loading that first? I'm not sure if it makes a difference but might be worth a try. I'm interested in hearing back and keeping in contact since we share similar config for older hardware.


The ordering in loader.conf does not matter.

I abandoned iwi some time ago:

You might want to read the whole thread. Disabling bgscan is mentioned there somewhere. IIRC, that is a good idea.

Do you really need ibss and monitor? Have you tried not loading three different firmwares at the same time?

Last time I used iwi, I did not have to load the firmware manually. Up to 6.1 that was a requirement, but from 6.2 on, iwi could do it automatically. (And it worked better that way, IIRC.)

Since the manual page tells you to do so, the loading of the firmware must have changed. When manual loading was required on 6.1, loading multiple at the same time was not a good idea.

I never got monitor to receive any packages on 7.0, even after manually loading the firmware. It did work on 6.2, though. ibss was never really reliable.

Jan Henrik
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