Mehul Ved wrote:
    I am setting up a P1 90MHz machine for some light multimedia
playback for a friend. As of now, it is running on FreeBSD 5.5. We
have been able to play mp3's using mpd and it's doing well till now.
Next, I am looking for a video player. But, I have following problems
while proceeding :
1) Would the machine be able to handle any kind of videos
2) I am not able to find mplayer for 5.5 so I tried to get it's
package from 5-RELEASE, which lists lots of dependancies. How do I get
mplayer package for 5.5
3) Is there any other video player with lesser dependencies since the
machine has just 4GB HDD.

the only dependencies it really has are the codecs that you want it to support. Heck, you can compile it so it only plays mp3 audio and xvid avis if you want to. So if you insist to go down the package route, i'm sure it was compiled with a ton of codecs included. if you compile it yourself, you just need to include what you want supported. And compiling those codec libraries or whatever won't take up too much disk space either. That's my suggestion to this situation you have.
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