I am setting up a P1 90MHz machine for some light multimedia
playback for a friend. As of now, it is running on FreeBSD 5.5. We
have been able to play mp3's using mpd and it's doing well till now.
Next, I am looking for a video player. But, I have following problems
while proceeding :
1) Would the machine be able to handle any kind of videos

only low res.

2) I am not able to find mplayer for 5.5 so I tried to get it's
package from 5-RELEASE, which lists lots of dependancies. How do I get
mplayer package for 5.5

install FreeBSD 7

3) Is there any other video player with lesser dependencies since the
machine has just 4GB HDD.

still should be no problem to compile it even on 1GB HDD
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