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> Hello!

> It is possible, whether in FreeBSD 7.0 to use programs for creation of
> music and processing of a sound, such as FLStudio 8.0, Sony Sound
> Forge 8.0? Cubase Studio 4.1, Wave Lab 5 etc.?  All of them work in
> system Windows XP, whether somehow it is possible to make active them
> in FreeBSD?

You could try using them with the windows emulator wine
(available in ports: /usr/ports/emulators/wine) 

> If it can be impossible there are any analogues of the similar Software?
> Very much I hope on выш the answer...

There is /usr/ports/audio/ardour, which labels itself as a 'digital
audio workstation'. See their website: http://ardour.org/

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