i am having some issues with moused and have spent alot of time these past few days playing with it. finally i just let it be since it not that critical; but i can't get it out the back of my mind and have a couple of questions for anyone who has a moment because it works ok in x11 and i am mainly just interested in seeing how moused works in console. (so mention of x11 is just for info); plus i am not sure if there are some known issues.

i have a (usb) copperhead razer on 7.1-release i386 and in rc.conf it was always set to /dev/mse0, which doesn't exist in /dev. so i don't think it ever really loaded. the mouse cursor usually still comes up in console and responds to movement - but that's about it. then it works ok in x11 (sett as /dev/sysmouse by xorg -configure). pse0 doesn't exist in /dev either, but there is sysmouse, and also ukbd0, which is actually what the system says it is atached to when it is plugged in.

when ever i tried /dev/sysmouse in rc.conf, the cursor would be extremely *jiggery*, fly to the screen edges and only move along the borders when i move it - eventually getting stuck in some corner after a few seconds of that. at long last i added usbd_enable="YES" to rc.conf and played around with a lot of different settings in moused flags.

finally i got it to stand still and move properly enough, but has wierd issues with cut and paste and when enbling the -V option. in cut and paste it always -always, and always, *loses* some characters, like cut the word -question- pastes something like -questin- and so on. with -V enabled, once i use the scroll wheel (not press), it contuinually pastes large chunks of whatever was on screen ( like motd) for pages on end. if i switch to another virtual tty at that point i get login : and a whole line of )))))))) flickering a few times, then spits " incorrect login" into a vicous cycle untill all i can do is force a reboot with ctl+alt+del.

removing -V and leaving settings which seemed to work prevously, seem to eventually not hold for some reason.

eventually i installed 8-current from 200812 snapshot on another disk, csup'd, built world+kernel without debugging stuff and it was easier to control the mouse with the same flags ( -F -r -T -A and -a ). same issues with cut and paste. in 8-current, whenever i change to a different tty (alt+f2..3..), i get a
   ukbd_set_leds_callback:556: error=USB_ERR_STALLED
on the virst tty. not sure if this is related to the mouse, keyboard, or just a tty thing.

as mentioned, i'd like to know what is going on and if i can resolve tis, but it is not critical. i'm just learning to use freebsd and plan to take up programming ( but sorry if this is a nuisence to ask about)

would i be better off with usb2, and is that only in current or also in stable?

thanks in advance if anyone has a moment.

p.s. at the moment i just set moused_enable to NO and left the flags there ( which x11 still seems to be picking up on and using correctly)

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