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> what will happen to FreeBSD if Gentoo/BSD is already out, does it affect
> freebsd popularity? i dont like gentoo or gentoo/bsd

FreeBSD popularity will be affected if the big cats (ie. networking
companies) continue to ""not contribute"" back the
enhancements/modifications to the kernel, networking stack,
optimizations etc etc !

Gentoo userland and emerge tools are easier and elegant though not
certainly superior to FreeBSD make mechanism.
This is based on my personal experience as i heavily use Gentoo Linux
and FreeBSD on older hardware.
And offcourse, i can easily emerge pine 4.64 on Gentoo but there is no
way i can do it on FreeBSD.

Does anybody know where FreeBSD (in particular) (NetBSD and OpenBSD)
is headed ? What is the road map ?

Please don't tell me that *BSD is a nice community project (which it
is) and the charter is to flip burgers (i mean code) for the next
networking company to take the code and run away !

i'm very hopeful that somebody will share some insight on the road map.


-- If you don't know where you want to go, any path can take you there --
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