Gary Kline wrote:
> Guys,
> If I stick with FreeBSD as my main desktop, I want firefox and
> flashplugin-9.  So far, no joy.  I have firefox2, and when I try to
> pkg_delete, I find gnome2 is just one of the dependicies.
> linux-flashplugin-9 is installed as well as the pluginwrapper ports, but
> still YouTube won't work.
> Is there an "all-linix" port or set of ports to use?  Or is there another
> way of getting both audio+video?  
> gary

Don't pkg_delete firefox2, just install www/firefox3 alongside it.

graphics/gnash-devel works mostly ok for youtube.

Just a quick note, firefox3 uses /usr/local/lib/firefox3/plugins as the
plugins directory, while firefox2 uses /usr/local/browser_plugins. You
will probably have to symlink files from this directory to the new one
for the plugins to work.
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