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> If I stick with FreeBSD as my main desktop, I want firefox and
> flashplugin-9.  So far, no joy.  I have firefox2, and when I try to
> pkg_delete, I find gnome2 is just one of the dependicies.
> linux-flashplugin-9 is installed as well as the pluginwrapper ports,
> but still YouTube won't work.

my son just got it all to work according to the directions in the
handbook (section 6.2.3):

using firefox3 and www/linux-flashplugin9 on fbsd7.1

(note they say you need www/linux-flashplugin7 if you are using an
older version of fbsd ... which would explain why i haven't been able
to get it to work since i installed 9 on 7.0 ... not that i want to use
flash in the first place since there is a great benefit to telling all
the irritating people i can't use flash which is that you don't have to
watch all the amazing videos they just discovered on the web that they
want to share with you as though they think you don't have better
things to do with your life than to watch the nonsense they think is
wonderful ... therefore, noflash => less bothersome existence).

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