On Sun, 22 Feb 2009 15:11:46 +0000, Saifi Khan <saifi.k...@twincling.org> wrote:
> Gentoo userland and emerge tools are easier and elegant though not
> certainly superior to FreeBSD make mechanism.  This is based on my
> personal experience as i heavily use Gentoo Linux and FreeBSD on older
> hardware.  And offcourse, i can easily emerge pine 4.64 on Gentoo but
> there is no way i can do it on FreeBSD.

You can always check out `ports/mail/pine4' from a date before its
removal from the ports/ tree and build it on FreeBSD too.  If you need
help with maintaining a local copy of the relevant ports (`mail/pine4',
`mail/pine4-ssl', and `editors/pico') let me know and I'll write a short
mini-guide for checking out the ports before their removal and building
them as local ports.

The source for these ports is no longer maintained, and they may pose a
security risk if you use them on multi-user machines --- especially if
untrusted users have local shell access --- but if you want to shoot
your foot, the Ports tree already provides gun & ammo to do that :-)

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