Formula 1 wrote:
> Is there going to be a possibility for FreeBSD, in the future or now, that 
> there will be a release of it that allows for install and running of the 
> operating system off of a USB memory stick?

What is your objective? ie. What will this box be designed to do once it
is booted from USB stick?

I boot from USB stick with numerous machines, but AFAICT, there is no
one single 'install method' to suit all needs. Determine what the system
will do, and then post back to the list.

Machines inside of my network that boot from USB:

- /boot on USB with GELI encrypted system and data on hard disk, in
which the USB key can be removed after boot (the USB contains the
encryption key)

- /boot on USB with large scale ZFS, so I don't have to shave off a UFS
piece from one of the drives

- routers that run RO from USB with /var & /tmp in memory devices so no
hard disks need to be present

- devices that boot and 'copy' the OS into a memory drive prior to
further loading, so no hard drive is required, and the USB stick can be
removed after the boot process

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