On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 02:52:34PM -0500, Doug Lee wrote:
> I don't either, but I will provide a different data point:  Blind
> listers, myself included, must generally read through posts
> sequentially, as it is usually trickier to skip reliably through
> quotes to the new material when using synthesized speech to read an
> email.  We therefore favor top posting as a rule, though some of us
> try to adhere to a particular list's preferences. :-)

This is why one should trim quotes -- so there's just enough there to
provide the needed context, rather than a lengthy record of an entire
conversation.  It may be surprising to you, but those of us who can see
also sometimes find it annoying to have six thousand words of repetitive
quotes of material that is currently irrelevant stacked up at either the
top *or* the bottom of the email.

> For my part, I got way tired of sifting through masses of quotes and
> requotes and finally threw a little Perl script in as a Mutt display
> filter:  Anyone who uses ">" to quote lines is now my friend because
> my filter removes those, and I only see them on demand by opening the
> body of the message from Mutt's attachment list.  Those who use other
> quoting techniques still cause me some anguish. :)

That's a pretty good idea.

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