I have an old Gateway Intel PIII box with all the video, ethernet, and sound running Intel drivers. The video chip according to dmesg is Intel 82810-DC100 GMCH. Dmesg shows the agp0 driver like this:

agp0: <Intel 82810-DC100 (i810-DC100 GMCH) SVGA controller> on vgapci0

X -configure select the "intel" driver. But, when I look at the Xorg. 0.log output, I see this:

Error in I810WaitLpRing(), now is 2371005, start is 2369004
pgetbl_ctl: 0x12a0001 pgetbl_err: 0x0
ipeir: 0 iphdr: 80f00a00
LP ring tail: 2688 head: 19c len: f001 start 370000
eir: 0 esr: 1 emr: 3d
instdone: ff7a instpm: 0
memmode: 4 instps: 810
hwstam: 9ac7 ier: 0 imr: 9ac7 iir: 0
space: 56076 wanted 65528

fatal server error:

I've tried changing the driver to "i810", "vesa", and "vga", but none of them work. Suggestions please.
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