Aaron wrote: -
I have a 3Com 3c900-Combo and ifconfig is reporting that it was in
half-duplex mode, so I booted up my 3com dos utility book disk and
checked and it was at half-duplex so I changed it to full.  ifconfig is
still reporting it being half-duplex.  Do I need to reinstall the driver
or something? How would I go about it?

Chris Phillips wrote:
> Is it plugged into a hub or a switch?
> A hub will only do half duplex.
> A switch will do full duplex.
> Worth mentioning...

Aaron wrote: -
Oh yes and btw, the nic that's hooked up to my cable modem, a 3c509B is
also set at full duplex by the 3com utility but it does not come up
half-duplex..  didnt know if this info would help.
Well, it was plugged into a hub.  I just went downstairs and swapped the
hub with a switch, rebooted the freebsd box just to be sure, and xl0
still came up half-duplex.  any other ideas?

I think you could do with submitting a bit more info before anybody can
make any educated guesses.  I'm definitely stuck without any more ;-)


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