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I think that one of FBSD's guiding principles is *correctness*
... or, at least, that's one of the higher values of the
community.  By way of evidence, I present the following
terms, used frequently in correspondence on these lists:

What I find ironic, is that the talent drifts either to fully commercial projects, or those which are licensed under BSD - and in many cases even both. If I want an unixlike OS that does what I need with minimal fuss and where things are added due their merit in improving usability/speed/stability rather results in artificial tests the OS will be one of the BSD's. The quality of the BSD licensed software added with the quality of documentation (Cyrus might be the exception as the documentation goes...) just far exceeds anything else available for free or "free".

FreeBSD might not support every gadget out there, but for the most part, the supported selection has always been good enough for the use I have. For that thanks go to the core team and other coders and documentation writers as well as people testing releases and betas without just shutting up when they hit trouble, but reporting the said problems so they will hopefully get fixed for every user.

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