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On Mon, Feb 23, 2009 at 01:15:16AM +0000, af300...@gmail.com wrote:

> Hi,


> My churches web server is having problems compiling world for FreeBSD

> 7.0-p10 (I believe I just did the csup last night). It gets to this point

> and then stops with this error:


> touch gtype-desc.h

> touch: No such file or directory

The file gtype-desc.h doesn't exist on my 7.1 system.

I think that this means that the 'touch' binary is missing. See below.

I had over looked that possibility but I agree now that you mention it especially in light of reading your further comments below.

Touch should never complain about missing files, because one of its

purposes is to create files that don't exist. So it is probably the

'touch' binary itself is missing. Try 'which touch'. It should report

'/usr/bin/touch'. If it doesn't, touch is MIA.

It might be saved in the lost+found directory of the partition that

holds /usr/bin.

The easiest way to get it back is to just build touch. Or copy it from

the install/live-cd.

I'ma little unclear about how to build individual programs from within the source tree. Can you please explain how I'd do this?

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