We want to develop a system imaging process where all we have to do is insert a 
USB thumb drive into a system and reboot it, and some time later the system 
would be loaded up with whatever FreeBSD software the particular thumb drive 
being used is configured. We'd have different thumb drives for different 
flavors of systems. 

Our current approach uses a PXE boot server and sysinstall, but this is not an 
easily portable solution (we can't bring the boot server with us to a customer 
location. Plus, sysinstall scripts are not particularly to be particularly 

My inclination is simply to have our custum thumb drive configured with FreeBSD 
and when a system is booted with one of these USB drives, a script runs to 
automate a FreeBSD install onto the hard drives of the sysrem where the thumb 
drive was booted. I could probably do the whole thing with bash scripts, but is 
there some other tool that might help in doing this kind of thing. Note that we 
have a custom kernel that needs to be installed onto the target systems. 

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