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> The thesis of Niklas Saers is a bit dated now, but it is a wonderful
> document and it answers this question (including a few others too).
> I think it will be an interesting read for you:
most certainly!!

i've been going through it quickly and it is really fascinating to see
the historical structure and the development models. 

specifically, this would seem to answer much:

"The project provides multiple versions of FreeBSD intended for
audiences with different priorities between the newest features and
rock solid stability and security. This means that the newest minor
release or updates along a security branch are already old in terms of
being well tested when they are released."

and coordinates well with things some of the other posters to this
thread have written.

i rather like this approach because it doesn't let the old stuff just
die (in fact, we just installed 4.4 on some of our machines) and the
idea of backporting is really quite a remarkable concept.

i will look at niklas' thesis in greater detail over the next few days,
so thank you very much for drawing my attention to it.

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