>No, meaning, if a system is unresponsive for 300 seconds, action will be 
>taken. watchdogd will not prevent proper reboots, panics or power failures. 

Bad wording on my part. What you said is what I meant, and I assume the default 
action is to reboot the system? 

>Panic, or overheating. Check the dumpdev/dumpdir variables in rc.conf(5). 

We don't have dumpdev/dumpdir configured in rc.conf. I'll do that. What makes 
us suspicious is that we have been running this stress test on systems for 
months without any reboots. We then enable the 300 second watchdog and two 
systems spontaneously reboot. We've turned it off again and have restarted the 
stress test and so far no reboots. What we want to know is are these reboots 
occurring as a result of a watchdog reboot? Is any kind of system log created 
when the watchdog reboots a system? 

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