On Tue, 24 Feb 2009 12:08:48 -0500
"Jean-Paul Natola" <jnat...@familycareintl.org> wrote:

> Ok so I left the machine running over the weekend to install KDE,
> And when I got in this morning it said that my disk was out of space-
> I loaded nothing but the basic freebsd os and nothing other than kde
> (granted its only a 10 gig drive) but that should be enough for a kde
> desktop no? 

It may be that you need to clean-out the workspaces with 
rm -rf /usr/ports/*/*/work, and start again.

BTW I'd go for KDE3 rather than KDE4. The latter still seems to be very
fragile to me, and it needs a fairly up-to-date machine, with and a well
supported 3-d graphics card if you want the effects.
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