The script runs fine, but the resulting USB drive won't boot. It hangs on 

Feb 25 19:27:50 kernel: atkbdc0: <Keyboard controller (i8042)> port 0x60,0x64 
irq 1 on acpi0 

every time. I tried different systems as well. There is no error, it just 
hangs. Any idea what this is about? I did a web search but could fine anything 
describing this kind of hang. 

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the scripts are at: 

install these scripts on /root 

formats the disk (or usb stick) at da0,da1...) make a bsdlabel on it 
and using the baselist file, copies the running system files into the 
it will work on FreeBSD versions greater 7.0 
this way the usb is bootable, have a filesystem on it. 
the same root password... 
you can fix the files /etc/rc.conf, /boot/loader.conf in the usb 
filesystem in 
order for it to boot from your kernel. 
remeber to check for an "a" partition on your usb stick 

the script needs to have access to install bash (pkg_add -r bash) so it 
needs internet of a package repository with bash in it. 

Once boot from your usb stick, you can do the same procedure to 
transport the running system to another disk 
if you intend to make a zfs running filesytem on the target disk (hd) 
make the disklabel (bsdlabel) this way 
a: 1gb 16 unused 
b: 4gb * swap 
d: * * unused 
that is: 
a partition 1gb at offset 16 
b swap partition 4gb after partion A 
d: the rest of the disk (this will hold the zpool). 

the makebootdisk will install a running system on A (about 300mb...) 

is a script that, when boot from the hd created with makebootdisk 
moves the running system (booted from "a" partition) to the the zfspool 
created, in the "d" partition mentioned above.. 
it edits the loader.conf in order to boot on zfs.. in order to boot 

After that, you are running on ZFS... 


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