On 02/25/2009 11:49, Brian A. Seklecki wrote:
>> lowering the umask of the person running sudo.
>> This had the effect of truly screwing up many installed ports for me 
> Maybe try "sudo -H -u root [command]"   NetBSD Pkgsrc is nice in this
> respect because it has sudo(8) integration in the MKs. ~BAS

I didn't think this would do much, but gave it a try anyway....
And it doesn't help.  :/

The following command prior to the change resulted in root's umask being
  sudo -H -u root umask

Whereas after the change in sudo I mentioned, the union of mine and
root's is presented.

I looked at the security issue mentioned in the commit log, and I'm not
sure this change was required in order to fix it.

Anyone have thoughts on why this change was made?  I'd argue POLA was
broken here.  But I don't keep up with sudo developments (aside from
using it).


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