> g_vfs_done():da4s1d[READ(offset=261868847104, length=16384)]error = 5
> 1. This only happens on drive-bay 4.  If I swap the 300 Gig drives
> around, they are all happy in any drive-bay but number 4 ...
> 2. The old 145Gig drives work perfectly in any bay, including bay 4.
> ... Why would one (proven good) drive fail in that slot, while the
> other (also proven good) drive succeeds.  The only difference is
> the size and speed (145 vs 300, 10k vs 15k).

Any chance bay 4 has a minor wiring problem, like a broken ground
or three, causing an impedance bump?  Such things might just barely
work at 10k, but fail at higher transfer speeds.
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