On Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 05:59:58PM -0800, Richard Stockton wrote:
> I have a Dell PowerEdge 4400 running FreeBSD 6.2 (yes, I know it's old).
> This machine has 8 hot-swapable drive bays.  Recently I purchased 7 new
> drives for it (300Gig 15K) to replace the old ones (145Gig 10k).  I was
> able to successfully install 6 of the 7 drives, and they all work perfectly.
> The 7th drive (actually the 4th drive-bay) gives lots of errors like this:
> g_vfs_done():da4s1d[READ(offset=261868847104, length=16384)]error = 5

One reason I've seen for this error is a bad cable connection. It could
be that the connector between the drive and the bay is somewhat oxidised
or dirty. Sanding the connectors might help in that case.

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