> I have now 2 problems:
> 1. I need to run modem_run -m
> -f /usr/local/libdata/speedtouch/ZZZL_3.012 before ppp starts first
> time. I tried to add attach event to udev but it didn't worked. I tried
> copy'n'paste the example for usbd from FreeBSD Handbook but it didn't
> work as well. I can assume that the device is attached from the
> beginning.
> 2. If I try to run sixxs-aiccu I get:
> [tun-start] Trying Configured TUN/TAP interface gif0...
> [tun-start] Trying TUN/TAP interface 0...
> [tun-start] Couldn't open device gif0 or /dev/tun*: Device busy (16)
> It seems that any other gif does not work eighter. I can create gif
> interfaces and if_gif module is loaded. Any ideas?
> (Sorry - the second question I will multipost on sixxs forum as I have
> no chances of cross-posting)
> Regards

The second problem was solved by changing gif0 to tun1 (tun0 was taken
by ppp).


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