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In the last episode (Feb 23), Andrew Moran said:
I have 8 gigs of memory in this system, and I decided go to the ZFS route, and am now getting kernel panics about kmem exhaustion. I know there are some tweaks I can do to help alleviate these, but I want to address all my
memory before I increase the kernel memory.

I don't need the ports to be 64-bit, but they SHOULD run just fine
without recompiling, yes?

As long as you never recompile anything again, yes :) But as soon as you upgrade (say) libX11 to 64-bit, all dependant libraries and program will need to be brought up to 64-bit as well. You might as well do them all.

I just did this 32->64 upgrade a few weeks ago, and since I had a ZFS root,
I was able to do this:

 Snapshot+clone a new copy of my root filesystem (called root.amd64)

 Do a cross-build+installworld into that partition

 Install a 64-bit kernel into my /boot partition (installed as
   /boot/kernel.amd64 temporarily)

 Edit /boot/loader.conf and add

 Edit /etc/fstab on root.amd64 to mount / from local_pool/root.amd64

 Cross fingers, and reboot into amd64-land

 Portupgrade -fa (this step wan't flawless since I was also upgrading
through the perl58 and gnome-2.24 updates, but still took less than 24

All the while having my i386 kernel and root available to reboot back into
if I screwed something up horribly :)

If you use any programs that keep machine-dependant file formats (rrdtool
data files, for example), export them to a portable format before the
switch, and reimport them afterwards.

When I was satisfied I had a stable system, I moved my 64-bit kernel into /boot/kernel, removed the kernel= line from boot.conf, promoted the cloned
root.amd64 filesystem and destroyed the i386 root and the snapshot.

        Dan Nelson

Thank you for this posting. This is exactly what I wanted to do. However, booting into the new kernel didn't work for some reason, so I wound up burning an AMD64 boot-only CD and reinstalling the minimal 64bit version to the boot partition. I was able to read all my ZFS filesystems, so no real loss of data.

I'm now going through the portupgrade -fa to upgrade all my ports.


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