On Friday 27 February 2009 08:48:39 Jerry McAllister wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 27, 2009 at 09:43:54AM -0800, Peter Steele wrote:
> > Can I run sysinstall on a live system, booted say from ad0 and use it to
> > install a new OS onto a second drive, say ad1? I'm trying to do something
> > like this:
> >
> > sysinstall configFile=install.cfg loadConfig
> >
> > where I have the target drive identified in the sysinstall script, but it
> > doesn't seem to like what I'm trying to do.
> >
> > Basically what I need to do is given a FreeBSD distribution, I want an
> > automated procedure I can run on a system to build a new system with a
> > specific set of packages and other customizations we need. We have this
> > setup now using a PXE boot server, but I'd like something I can run
> > interactively that doesn't require a boot server.
> If I understand you, I think the answer is yes.
> You can certainly start sysinstall on a running system.

Yes for sure. You can partition secondary drives on a running system as long 
as the drive isn't mounted and your kern.securelevel < 2.

You will need to define "doesn't seem to like what I'm trying to do" to get a 
more constructive answer.

Problem with today's modular software: they start with the modules
    and never get to the software part.
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