My server is currently running on FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE #0. 

I installed the port software, P5-Mail-ClamAV with sendmail along with 
others: Spamassassin and Milter etc. Everything was compiled fine, and 
sendmail is working with Spamassin too. However, when I 
execute,, both software start for a very 
short momonet and died without any complaims. I could not see any clamav items 
running by executing 'ps -axw'. 

My last executed piece software, is complaining missing and 
waiting for a socket, clam-milter.sorc. 

I did configuration for sendmail, but very littler on clamav. Can anyone 
familiar with Clamav helps to provide a clue on what is going wrong? 

Thank you! 

Ming Tang 

- Ming 

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