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Nice to meet you.
I'm japanese ,Katsurou Takahash.

I started to use FreeBSD to constitute my file server and I want to use FreeBSD as Desktop OS. I would like to know how to setting FreeBSD as Desktop OS by Xorg on VMware Fusion act 2.
Or I want to know how to setting command by GUI.
I use MacBookPro 15inch USkeyboard.
If you know the way ,please tell me that. has a downloadable VMWare image. Even if you don't use their whole setup, you can use their xorg.conf as a starting point.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA

What you might also try to do is to just install FreeBSD in VMWare from the ISO images yourself, then install the compat6x port and afterwards install the VMWare tools from within VMWare. This not only installs a special VMWare driver for (and automatically sets up xorg.conf) which allows you to set the resolution and lets the mouse leave the VM window without pressing Ctrl-Apple keys each time, this also installs the VMWare tools applet that can be used to reduce the VM disk image from time to time.

For infos about how to install the tools, have a look at the VMWare Fusion Help.

Best regards


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