Sorry, but i have no exact answer to your question.
I have problems with pf on 7.1 too.
But i`ve noticed difference between 7.1-p2 and 7.1-p3
My problem appears only in p3 not in p2
may your problem is fixed in p3 ?
Michael K. Smith - Adhost пишет:
** Apologies to folks already subscribed to p...@freebsd.org.  This was posted 
there as well but I'm not getting any responses at all so I thought it best to 
post it here as well. **

We are having memory issues with PF and 7.1p2 that we didn't experience with 
6.3.   Here's what happens.

# pfctl -f /usr/local/etc/pf.conf
/usr/local/etc/pf.conf:135: cannot define table smtpd_reject_policyd: Cannot 
allocate memory
/usr/local/etc/pf.conf:139: cannot define table smtpd_reject_spam: Cannot 
allocate memory
pfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded
# pfctl -t smtpd_reject_policyd -T flush
94390 addresses deleted.
# pfctl -t smtpd_reject_spam -T flush
62464 addresses deleted.
# pfctl -f /usr/local/etc/pf.conf

So, after I flush the tables it loads.  Sometimes, however, we get a global out of memory 
error " DIOCADDRULE: Cannot allocate memory "

Here are my entries from pf.conf for various limits.  Everything else is 

set limit tables 500
set limit table-entries 250000
set limit { states 1000000, src-nodes 300000, frags 100000 }
set optimization normal
set skip on lo0
set state-policy if-bound
set timeout interval 300
set timeout src.track 1200

Finally, the box is using EM interfaces with VLAN's and has 4 Gig of physical 
RAM.  There are two PF boxes in Active/Failover and the errors show up on both, 
although they seem to show up more often on the Backup device, which seems odd.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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