Andrei Brezan wrote:
> Hello list,
>       I have a strange problem and I don't know what to relate it to. My ISP
> changed my IP from (eg) to I have changed my zone
> files to reflect that change.
> "dig -t mx" results in 3600 IN A
> (the new ip). However when i try:
> "ping" it tries to get to the old ip and gets
> time to live exceeded fro an ip along the route. When i try to ping
> it gets all ok as it pings the new ip. I've also tried dig
> @(forwarders in named.conf) and they to got the correct mx dns entry for
>       In rc.conf i have hostname="" (eg), i haven't changed
> it, i'm thinking it's something related to hostid or hostuid but i don't
> know where to search for this topic.
>       If anyone has a clue what to try or where to look upon this behavior
> please shed some light.
> Thank you.

Disregard my noise. It was a file called hosts in /etc, changed there
the ip for and now ping works ok.
Sorry about that.

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