Seems that I was acused of "warez", "pirate...",

So, please if you to to the site of hackintosh, you will
see that it is a Darwin, Macos is based on Darwin, and because
of the copyright (the famous GPL...) apple must give away
the software they use to build macos...
so there is Darwin if you look at http://www.opensource.apple.com/darwinsource
it show all the Leopards including the 10.5.6 (source code)...
I did not see any restriction of use, for darwin, (well may be a commercial 

If you start with a binary version 
please note that it comes from the apple site...
and download the last one, with some work (in reality a lot....) you will
end with a Leopard (TM) without apple marks...

I do not think this is ilegal, and I am not playing warez.

In fact I am doing the same thing with opensolaris... 
get opensolaris (binary), then get the sources (from sun) and compiling the 
gnome 2.24 on top of it....
may be the final product be called hacklaris????
I needed it because my clients needs internet and with it a good imfamious 
flash player... that, in FreeBSD
is not available with the stability I have on solaris... in fact, it is much 
more stable than the linux version
besides the "virtual"  (virtualbox, xen, zones....) is far more stable on 
there are places (in the corporate world...) that the SUN brand counts... and 
counts a lot...

I think also that a person jump from the "microsoft cage"  to the "apple cage"  
he still is in the "cage"...
Users, nowadays (even the "naive" ones) soon realize that they need freedom. 
We, with FreeBSD, gives
us freedom, power, ease of use... 


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