2009/2/28 Bernt Hansson <be...@bah.homeip.net>:
> Chris Rees skrev:
>> 2009/2/28 Bernt Hansson <be...@bah.homeip.net>:
>>> Lord Blackadder skrev:
>>>> Bernt Hansson wrote:
>>>>> Sean Cavanaugh skrev:
>>>> I'm sorry to disappoint you, Bernt, but under Swedish law any kind of
>>>> agreement is legally binding. Even just a handshake.
>>> Yes. But clicking yes or no is not a handshake or oral agreement
>>> acording to Swedish law.
>> Again, back it up? You're just expecting us to believe your
>> interpretation of the law.
> Who's interpretation are you in comfort with? Your own? Sombody else, a
> lawyer? A pornstar?

That passage says that any agreement with the knowledge of the
relationship in good faith is valid.

Where does it mention the difference between a click-through licence
and an oral agreement? I'm getting bored of your deflection, and I'm
sure everyone else is.

Though a test case would be nice. Has anyone been lunatic enough to
try taking it to court? Otherwise a clicked "Yes" counts as an
agreement made in good faith.

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