I'm in despair. I cannot get past firewall to update
my sources and ports of FreeBSD. At least it seems
to me that this is a firewall problem.
I tried to use all options with -P. Nothing happends,
every time cvsup writes after quite a long pause, that
connection to server refused. It is interesting, that
about a week ago I used the same cvsup on the same system
successfully. Some day something happend (perhaps somebody
reconfigured firewall) and nothing is working now.

Here is my cvsup file:
*default host=cvsup.FreeBSD.org
*default prefix=/usr/home/src/CVS/FreeBSD
*default base=/usr/home/src/CVS
*default release=cvs
*default delete compress use-rel-suffix

## Main Source Tree

# Other stuff

I tried to use different mirrors, nothing helps.

Version of cvsup is SNAP_16_1f.


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