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| FreeBSD 6.4-STABLE

Just upgraded my MySQL server/client to v5.0.77 and php version to php5-5.2.8 but something struck my eye when opening phpmyadmin, saying:

'Your PHP MySQL library version 4.0.27 differs from your MySQL server version 5.0.77. This may cause unpredictable behavior'.

I obviously have my php MySQL library running wrong version. Can you tell me How could I solve this matter in a quick way?

Jos Chrispijn

portmaster -rf database/phpmyadmin

Actually, you may only need to recompile databases/php5-mysql (possibly plus some dependencies) and then restart apache. If your DB is on the same machine as where you're running phpMyAdmin, then you will have the 5.0.77 client libraries already installed and recompiling that one package should fix the observed problem.
If not, then you may need to update the mysql client libraries and anything
that links to them on the phpMyAdmin machine. You can check what php5-mysql
depends on like so:

% pkg_info -rx php5-mysql
Information for php5-mysql-5.2.8:

Depends on:
Dependency: expat-2.0.1
Dependency: openssl-0.9.8j_1
Dependency: perl-5.8.9_1
Dependency: pkg-config-0.23_1
Dependency: pcre-7.8
Dependency: mysql-client-5.0.77
Dependency: db46-
Dependency: cyrus-sasl-2.1.22_2
Dependency: openldap-sasl-client-2.4.15
Dependency: libiconv-1.11_1
Dependency: libxml2-2.7.3
Dependency: apache-2.2.11_3
Dependency: php5-5.2.8

You won't get exactly the same list -- the important bit is the 'mysql-client'
line.  If you aren't using 5.0.77 client then:

  # portupgrade -o databases/mysql50-client -fr mysql-client-X.X.XX

(fill in the version number of the client libraries you actually do have
installed).  You may also see output for php5-mysqli if you have that
module installed: the portupgrade command above should fix both modules.



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