2009/3/2 Alex Kirk <a...@schnarff.com>:
> This is why I love open-source mailing lists - you never know what sort of
> awesome you'll find!
> My question at this point, though, is how in the world I could actually
> apply this patch, seeing as how the system is in a non-bootable state. Is
> this something that's already been included in a development branch that I
> could go download? Or do I need to do something else?
What I'd do is: make a distribution  with the patch included in the
source tree on another machine with your current KERNCONF, etc if you
have backups of them.
Then try reinstalling the machine and if backups are on your side all
should be OK.
I don't follow -current and -hackers much to advise if it has been
fixed upstream. If you have another machine where you can check-out
current tree and see if patch has
been merged there - good.
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