Faizan ul haq Muhammad wrote:

> >
> > i noted that, following information is missing
> > ifmaxaddr 0 port 1 priority 128 path cost 2000000
> > ifmaxaddr 0 port 2 priority 128 path cost 200000
> >
> > Now i need to know how to add the interfaces..?
> > Any command do u knw and can help me..?
> >
> > Regards!!!
> >
> > <http://windowslive.com/explore?ocid=TXT_TAGLM_WL_allup_1a_explore_032009>
> ifconfig bridge0 addm sk0 addm sk1 up
> ifconfig sk0 up
> ifconfig sk1 up

Thanks a lot dear..
it worked. but i m still confused that i have the alternative configuration in rc.conf as per guideline here on this page:
it should have worked, but it did not. and here with these commands, it is working.. I am able to get reply to ping

Make sure you got the full config in there adjusted to your settings:

ifconfig_bridge0="addm fxp0 addm fxp1 up"

And that you've rebooted. Assuming you've done those steps correctly, it should work. Generally issue's like that are rooted in typo's and misconfigurations. As your typo count gets incremented, you will learn humility. ;) Least that's how it was for me. Another good rule of thumb is if you're following the handbook and it's still doesn't work then you're not following the handbook.

Glad it works for you.
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