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couldn't the mailsystem be changed to allow posting from addresses only from registered users?

That discussion has been had numerous times before.
I think that in general the conclusion is always that since the
questions list provides a primary point of support for FreeBSD users,
and that many have reasons that they cannot subscribe or that it
would be a problem for them to subscribe, that the annoyance from
these trash messages is less than the benefit of leaving the list open.
It is not hard to hit 'd' for delete or click on that box if you use a gui email reader.

I suspect that the choice won't change now either.


I can't send emails to the address which I used to sign up to the list, and from which I am receiving emails from the list. The mailing list server simply rejects these emails. I don't know if this is a configuration problem, but I am glad that as long as such problems occur I can post messages using a different address.

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