Yes !

There is a very good soft called apcupsd.

I am working in Angola and have had a lot of problems with electricity // until I have discovered this soft. It works perfectly with the apc network card (It came as an option on my APC 1500).

I have setup apcupsd to use snmp (this seems to be the most stable use).

I was very surprised because the soft did shutdown the server automatically when the UPS went out of battery… and I had not tested that (lack of time).
So the soft even went beyond my expectations…

Port:   apcupsd-3.14.5
Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/apcupsd
Info:   Set of programs for controlling APC UPS
B-deps: gettext-0.17_1 gmake-3.81_3 libiconv-1.11_1 net-snmp- perl-5.8.9_2
R-deps: net-snmp- perl-5.8.9_2

Le 6 mars 09 à 16:04, Pieter Donche a écrit :

The vendor of our new server, tells me that an APC Smart-UPS 2200VA
or APC Smart-UPS 3000VA does not have software for automatic shutdown when power is lost, which is compatible with FreeBSD, it is only compatible with Windows and Linux.

Is this true? Has someone experience with that?
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