Jos Chrispijn wrote:
For some reason, Apache isn't starting anymore after having my ports upgraded today. That was a major php5 upgrade and I think it might have to do something with it.


Looks like half way the start Apache is stopping and bypassing every log output.

Can some tell me what I am overlooking here? Does it have something to do with the php-5 portupgrade?

High probability that you're correct.  It could be possible that running
a quick PHP command at the CLI (of course, that assumes that PHP has installed
a CLI version) would get the error out in the open.  Likely one of the modules
isn't compatible?  I'd comment out the entire /usr/local/etc/php/extensions.ini
file and see if HTTPD starts.  If it does, enable half the extensions and
try again, etc., until you find which one causes the problem.

In all likelihood, to really sort things out permanently, you'll
need to rebuild all the extensions.


Kevin Kinsey
Our business in life is not to succeed
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                -- Robert Louis Stevenson
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