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                  Hey all,

                  I've got a dell 600SC in a remote location, and it's started 
freezing up
                  (I'm thinking I've got a dying fan).

            I'm not familiar with this special Dell system, but maybe the
            tools mbmon and healthd (from ports) can help you to monitor
            at least fan speeds and temperatures (as well as voltages).
            They're using the kernel's SMB facility.

pciconf -l -v doesn't show an smbus on this system, even with the kernel 
options compiled in.

healthd, I've tried, and it talks to some chips directly, but it hasn't been 
updated in forever.

bsdhwmon looks like it did two releases and went unsupported, reports this 
board as unsupported.

It would appear that older linux kernels find the hardware as follows on this 
link http://hausheer.osola.com/docs/8 (I
realize BSD and linux are different, but perhaps the output there could help 
someone to know if something there is

Sadly, porting lm_sensors to BSD is hard because of all the kernel dependencies 
and abstraction.  But something more
"universal" under BSD as opposed to several years-outdated ports would be 


I'm curious... and only curious. Have you discovered if the OpenManage suite works with any drivers on the Linux system? Because if OpenManage is a userland utility only, running OpenManage with linux compatibility should work, right?

It would appear that the openmanage stuff requires kernel modules to be loaded. As the way the linuxemu under BSD works, it basically includes a whole linux-kernel into the BSD kernel, I doubt any of those modules would load.

This is a shame, we've gotten to the point where we can drop in windows drivers for things like modems and network cards (which I can easily slap a compatible one into my system and ignore the noncompatible one).

But I can't exactly toss another hw monitoring chip in.  :(

My understanding of Linux compat is the ability to run userland apps (not 
drivers) under BSD.  The closed minded attitude of
Dell that will support "X" but not "Y" is offensive to me and that is what 
makes me steer clear of the Dell branded stuff.

The systems came to me free, other than this dying fan thing, they've proven ROCK solid (and I have a bank of spare systems).

I hope this might have sparked a interest - but I can't help with the Linux 
compat at all.  I run BSD because it's not Linux.

As do I. But linux excels in this area. lm_sensors is better than anything available under BSD. Given the drastic age of the ports I mentioned above, what ARE people using to gauge their systems? Or do people just not care about this stuff?



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