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Having problems installing php5 in 7.1 so tried 8.0 and see that in release 8.0 php5 in defaulting to apache 22 when apache interface is selected from the make config menu. The config menu should give option to select apache 13 or apache 22 not force apache 22 on the user community. Is the maintainer going to change the config menu before php5 8.0 is released for production?

If you want a different version of Apache, all you have to do is install
Apache first, then PHP will use the version you have installed.

It's always been that way.  It's just that up till now the default was
1.3.  It's _LOOONG_ past time when the default should have moved to 2.X.

I had Apache 13 installed before installing php5 and it did install php with files for apache22. It did not default to using apache 13 which was all ready installed.
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