On 3/9/09, Peter Steele <pste...@maxiscale.com> wrote:
> I have a process that automates the creation of a master FreeBSD image that
> we clone onto mulitple machines. In the latest version of this image I am
> seeing the warnings:
> warning: KLD '/boot/kernel/linprocfs.ko' is newer than the linker.hints file
> warning: KLD '/boot/kernel/linux.ko' is newer than the linker.hints
> What might be causing this? I am not doing anything in particular with this
> Linux component during the image creation process, and these are the only
> such warnings. We do install a custom kernel as well, but I did not see this
> error in earlier versions of the image creation process.

# kldxref /boot/kernel

Probably you installed that files _after_ linker.hints is generated,
just make sure
that they are still compatible with /boot/kernel/kernel

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