On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 02:03:59PM -0700, gahn wrote:
> Hi all:
> Where is the result of "portupgrade -fa" stored at? it showed a bunch files 
> didn't go through or failed. just wondering whether I can take look at the 
> results after I rebooted the server.

If that's exactly how you ran portupgrade, then I'm afraid you won't have
any log info anywhere.

You need the -L flag to portupgrade, which takes a printf(3) style
format string (see man portupgrade for an example of how to use it), 
or you can run portupgrade in a script(1) session, something like this:

 # script /var/log/portupgrade.log portupgrade -fa

Note that this approach will log ALL output generated by portupgrade, 
stderr and stdout, so the log file will get large.


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